We are preparing new global product-data platform and on-line market
with amazing and innovative on-line services for Promotional Industry.

Product-Data Platform:
  • iProductBank - Universal product data platform & data integration engines
  • iProductMarket - Global market with products from platform & trading APIs
Promotional Industry Apps & Services:
  • iLogoViewer - Automatic logo 3D visualization on 2D product images
  • iLogoEditor - On-line PrintProof editor with vector PrintData generation
  • iLogoCreator - On-line 3D vizualization configurator for any product image
  • iPromoCatalog - Customizable web catalog with products from all distributors
  • iPromoCalculator - On-line calculator of print prices for easy include to your web
  • iPromoConfigurator - On-line product customizers with real-time visualization
  • iPromoContent - New & improved distributor's product visual presentation
    and more ...

We also hiring IT specialists right now to our new start-up ...
Senior Developer & SW Architect ASP.NET MVC (C#)

If you are interested, send us your CV and work samples to:

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